Your Notebook Battery Should Be Kept Well

The battery presents one of the basic components of your notebook, it’s commonly one of the most costly and vulnerable to damages over time. To keep the battery in excellent acting condition is essential.

The Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries of the nowadays notebooks lose the autonomy commonly due to two aspects: Firstly the usage, secondly the common aging of the included ingredients. Thus, no matter what measures you take for prolonging its existence it would be out of use one day. The average expiration date of a common notebook battery is considered to be from 18 to 24 months, since this period the battery autonomy is unfortunately falling.

The advice I provide you with will make the battery lifespan longer:
The initial factor to understand with regard to the notebook battery is that its power is constantly lost a bit even if the notebook is not used. The more the temperature of the battery is, the more rapidly it comes unworkable. Thus, the initial aspect to consider is to provide your battery's freshness. The producers keep the batteries at about 15 degrees, considering it to be the best temperature. On the other side, if your battery is located in cold place (like your refrigerator cabin) you risk to disable its functions completely.

The one more factor to consider is that the battery’s autonomy inhibits with every cycle of it charging and discharging. It’s not astonishing but when you compare the mentioned factor with the following situation, you’ll be surprised greatly:
When a notebook exploiter leaves the battery in the laptop but lets the AC adapter connected to the wall, the laptop battery permanently overcomes the circles of charging and discharging.

A battery that is left inside the notebook discharges a little faster than in common cases as the warmness produced by the laptop computer affects the long-lasting life. When the load degree is lower than necessary (varies with some producers), the adapter charges the battery again until it’s fully charged. With the battery’s age the cycle enhances in its shortness and still increases the lost of its autonomy.

Thus, if you battery is not applied when working on a laptop, get it out of the machine to a dry and fresh location.

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